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Tommaso is born 1979 of a mother and a father. he lives and works in the delightful city of Brescia in Italy. He loves friends, cigarettes (but he’s trying to stop), skate culture, french movies and gin tonic. And of course take pictures.

His images have been published in magazine including: Cosmopolitan, D di Repubblica, Io Donna, GQ, Marie Claire, Made, MF Fashion, Sport Week, Vanity Fair, WeAr Global Magazine.Some works published in on-line newspapers, on-line magazine, blogs and companies sites including: Corriere della Sera, Metro, Le Figaro, Monsieur, Oggi Notizie, La Vanguardia, QuiBrescia, , The photo paper, Autostrade S.p.A., Groupon, Lada, Yahoo, Tiscali, Saturn, Media World, SKF, The Global Legal Post, Lexus, Woco Group, Pearson, Business Insider UK, Moneytalksnews, ItaliaRail (Trenitalia), , The Daily Dot, The Ecologist.

Some images are published in books: A New Gateway for Venice (Edited by Paola Favero, Anna-Paola Pola and Katrina Simon),  Psychology (Jaimes S. Naime), Extreme Skateboarding (Virginia Loh-Hagan), Gartenuesse: fur Feinschmecker (Graines Voltz), Girls (Collective),  How does cloud computing work? (Leon Gray), Show me community helpers: my first picture encyclopedia (Lisa J. Amstutz), L’emozione di un viaggio (various authors).

He is contributor of stock agencies Getty Images, Shutterstock and Vogue Photo Collection.

He got honorable mentions at “International photography awards 2010” category fashion, with series The forest and its inhabitants and single photo in category fashion with “Urban tris. Jury: BBC, atEdge, Vogue Uk, Magnum, Tate Modern etc..

An honorable mention “4th Photography master cup 2010″with the photo “Urban tris”, category fashion. Jury: National geographic, Christie’s, Camara Oscura, Fox, Musee de la Photographie – Bruxelles etc..